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Wooden Structure

Initial Meeting

The initial meeting is where we talk more about your project vision. Taking into account the site location, the basic needs and space requirements, the design direction. This is where you do the talking, we do the listening. Our team at Neev.Studio works seamlessly on the digital platform, so we aim to design projects pan India. If you are looking for an architect who can collaborate with you via digital streams you have come to the right place.

Man Signing

Proposal & Agreement

After we gather all the information needed, we will propose a proposal to let you know how we work, the timeline, along with our design fee. If agreeable, we can move forward to start our design.

Web Designing

Concept Design

The concept design stage is where we get personal. We will create the design according to the brief and have a lot of discussions with you on looks, feels, functionality, and etc. At Neev.Studio we love to engage and collaborate with our clients. We would love to have your opinions on board and implement that into our design.

Construction Work

Construction Drawing

The construction drawings stage is where we get technical. We will provide the drawings that can act as a guideline for the contractor to build your project. If your project lies outside of Bangalore we can collaborate with your contractor for the execution drawings.

Depending on the project, we would collaborate with other consultants, such as:

• Structural engineers,

• MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) engineers, and

• Eco / Sustainability design and engineers.

These people will help engineer your project to let it function effectively and efficiently.

Client and contractor

Choosing Contractor

After we completed the Construction Drawings, we will share them to several contractors and compare them. We will be there for you to advise in choosing of which contractors to choose, depending on the material specs, budget, and timeline.


Project Supervision

Building a project is not easy. We always want to deliver what we have put into design to reality. That’s why at Neev.Studio we usually cooperate with contractors to supervise the project from start to finish.

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