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About us

Neev.Studio is a multi-disciplinary firm offering one-stop solution to deliver complete residential projects of both premium and luxury segments. Combining the complexities of architecture, interiors, landscape and artwork we provide design solutions that are aesthetically woven together to deliver end results. The user is the center-point of our design philosophy.


Our Vision

"Design driving Experience", is rooted in the belief that spaces ideated from accommodating need of clients will result in cherishing experience. Experiences shaping how we live and interact with our surroundings. Experience reflecting values, culture and nature. At Neev.Studio we endeavor to provide a whlesome architecture journey to our clients.

Our Mission seeks to simplify the reach of good design to the end user. We believe well designed spaces should not be a privilege for a few but the right for many. That's why we don't limit ourselves to practicing in a single region but look forward to building beautiful homes across the country.

Our Values

We curate spaces that are highly functional and aesthetic  not only to look at but to thrive in! This is possible through our values of 3 E's: Engagement, Empathy and Experience. and its deliverable are stemmed from these core values. we constantly engage with our clients on the objective and subjective usage of their spaces as well as their aspirations for the dwelling. Our design builds on empathy and deep understanding of the user's needs and wants. Our team translates the abstract into crafting spaces that elevates user experience into meaningful and cherished affair. 

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